In this world there are arms that hurt
That damage and destruct
That rage and wreck ruin
And that steal the ones we love

These arms are loud and harsh and cold
And powered so by hate
And they delight in watching people
Fall and burn and break

But there are also gentle arms
The ones that hold you tight
That whisper in the softest voice
That things will be alright

They catch you if you’re falling
And they help you heal from harm
Their warmth provides some solace
From those other vengeful arms

See whilst one tries to break the world
The other keeps it spinning
Reminding us to fight hard
For the right to keep on living

And whilst our arms of empathy
Won’t change the world alone
They can change little pockets
And they can bring people hope

So let’s all wrap our arms
Around the pockets that we find
And prove that there are arms out there
Determined to be kind

And when it all feels helpless
Like our actions aren’t enough
Just know we’ll make a difference
If we all come armed with love

Becky Hemsley – Poet – UK