For so long everything has been wrong,

I get confused,

I forget.

My mind travels to far-off places.

I hide away not caring, until it’s too late and I can do nothing.

A Recluse, a Hobbit, a Scholar hidden in a small cramped up room.


My room is no longer small, and I feel out of place.

I wish my room were bigger I once said.

Now I want it smaller, it’s like I can never win.

The walls are bright and brooding,

Stark and pale,

This is not my home,

For these walls are bare.

I wish I could only see the world that was my own,

These walls so flat and thin,

I can hear the neighbors live.


In recent, I will say I have learned to listen and get every word.

I can look and see every detail.

I can touch and feel every fiber.

I can smell and scent every element.

This world is new and unreal.

So vast a place,

It’s as though I’ve been reborn.

A new home,

A new year,

A new me.


Books sit piled high upon and beside my shelves.

Papers filed away in binders as though trapped.

My thoughts captured on pages of lined and unlined paper,

Untouched and unread by anyone other than myself.

My child sits waiting on a device of scientific technology,

Waiting to be set free upon the world,

To be read and talked about over coffee in an old fashion café.

My masterpiece has yet to begin,

Not a word of it has been put down.


I’m an Artist, a Recluse, someone who will change the world.

My mind is set on changing the world I see before me.

I’m a Scholar, a Philosopher,

And I don’t like to hide.

The world is my teacher, my experiment,

The people are my tools,

As they take in the words of my thoughts,

And draw their own ideas.


This place is not always safe.

This place is not always fair.

This place is not always kind.

We travel through it awfully quick,

Not daring to think what it is we are leaving behind.

What have we got to show for our existence?

I’m a student and a teacher.

I learn from the world every day,

I teach the world every day.

One day I hope the world will see the things I’ve done,

And learn from them while gaining complete understanding from them.


I hope the world will come to comprehend what I do not even understand,

And change it and make it so no one must ever have to comprehend it again.

The violence,

The misunderstandings,

The persecution,

The fighting, and

The wars.

I hope one day this world can move on from all this that seems so wrong.


I don’t like to be confused.

I don’t like to forget.

In a world so big it’s hard not to think as though you were in a room that’s very small.

I travel on to many places,

And not all are as bleak as this

You listen and you think this can’t be a Utopia,

It’s not meant to be that way.

With everything so perfect and everything so green,

Maybe it isn’t now, but one day you will see

These words I write will help to make the difference,

And one day so will we,

We will change the world.

We will end violence and hunger

We will stop the fighting

We will end all war.

Misunderstandings and persecution will be no more.

People will stand there and stare and wonder what it is, that there is no more.

No more anger and frustration

For we will have finally opened the door,

Murder will not exist

Rape will be out the door

No more talk of fright or fear of ones’ neighbor living next door

People will talk and be merry

They will feel calm as though it were nothing new.


I’m a Scholar, a Philosopher, an Artist, and a Recluse.

I use the world to teach me,

And I in return give it lessons through its people for which I call my tools

My written word and thoughts are scattered across the paper,

Sitting in the hands of a person at a café,

The words of my child and the words of my masterpiece.

I hope to one day put those words into your hands,

So you can see my story and what it is I have to say.

It is of great importance that you should live to see the day,

For which those words make a difference.

On that glorious day

Change will be the brightest and greatest idea of them all

Books will be of most importance, and words will be in dire need.

That is why I am what I am,

Leean Minton – A Scholar, a Philosopher, an Artist, and a Recluse – USA