This pendant expresses a very special moment and a very special insight.

Very long ago a person advised me to yell to release my stress. Forest would be a good place to do it, because nobody can hear, he said. I don’t like to yell but I took that idea into consideration.

So on one dark autumn evening I drove to the forest nearby.
I arrived.

I stopped the car.

I went outside and looked around.

I listened – no, I opened my ears. There were no other sounds but the wind rustling in the trees. It filled the space around me and there were no other sounds necessary. It was strong and peaceful and full of endless existence. On tops of those trees, on them, between them and under their roots is Life. And I should start to scream??? It would be so violent in the midst of all this peace… What right do I have to do it?

I listened to the forest for quite some time, then got back into my car and left… having peace inside.

One day soon after that evening I drove home with my child. It was very dark. The sky was clear and a beautiful bright round disc of cheese had just risen above the field. I stopped the car and we came out.

It was that very same place where I went to scream. On one side of the road is a forest and on the other side a field.

It was a peaceful evening. All we could hear was very quiet rustling of leaves. Suddenly I had a funny idea that I should try to howl at the full moon like a wolf. I did it. It was strange that howling blended very naturally into the peace around us – without being even a bit violent.

That moment had so many faces: in a way it was funny, but it was also playful and there was also a touch of solemnity around it. It was a surprise to me to discover that all this can be felt in the same moment.

The stone is bumble bee jasper. The photo lies a bit because the yellow spots are more orange. By the way – it was really difficult to find a stone with suitable size and colors for my project.

Triin Uustalu – Explorer – Storyteller – Jeweler – Estonia