What can we each do as one person in the face of world events?

We cannot fight darkness with more darkness. The only thing that dispels darkness is light.
We cannot fight anger, hate, violence, evil, or lack with more of the same. The only thing that dispels the negativity in this world is love.

When world events cause us concern and we feel as if there is nothing we can physically do to help, we pray for the victims and curse the oppressors.

Cursing the oppressors only adds to their power.
Instead, send love — to everyone.

To the victims to give them strength to withstand the oppression.
To the oppressors to reduce their ability to do harm.

Each time you hear of atrocities in the world, send love to the entire world.

Jenny Louise Watt – Creative Computer Genius, All-in-one Business Coach, Mom, Grammy, Friend and Bestselling Author – USA