Words are powerful. They express what we are thinking and when birthed into the world they can form a connection no matter where we are in the world. Let’s create a quilt that binds us all together with one voice to reinforce humanness. It does not matter the language we speak or the color of our skin we are all energy and are connected.

Share your word so I can add it on this wall that will bind us together virtually. Let’s share this worldwide and make our words matter and help to bring peace to our world by showing how much our words unify and expand us as human beings.

This will be beautiful, thank you in advance!

Please send your word to:iamcreativephilly@gmail.com
If you would like to add your own colors, backgrounds etc. please do and just share if just the word I will add color and design elements unless you specify to keep it plain.

Hollis Citron – Creative Ambassador – Publisher – USA