We are living in unprecedented times full of continuous change.  I often think about the future and how we can create a better world for humanity today and also for future generations.

I firmly believe peace comes from within, from our connection to spirit, God or the universal source energy.  Peace is generated in our hearts. It is part of our state of mind and demonstrated in our actions.  If we consider the heart and mind, then forgiveness is at the core of creating peace.  We need to remain true to our hearts and to listen to our divine guidance or intuition.  Our actions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours all influence the peace we bring to the world.

Prosperity Mindset

When we consider a prosperity mindset it’s about balance.  Achieving and maintaining a rewarding, prosperous and abundant lifestyle needs to be balanced with strong supportive relationships and the wisdom to go within to access our own intuition.  Accessing our emotional intelligence and inner wisdom will help us create peace in our own lives.  Once we have achieved this we can then assist others to balance a prosperity mindset with peace in their own lives.

A prosperity mindset challenges you to find the truth of who you really are, to free yourself from limiting beliefs and to commit to a new way of life to achieve your goals and dreams.  This in turn leads to inner peace, harmony and greater respect for our fellow human beings.

Some of the attributes of a Prosperity Mindset include:

  • Being future focussed
  • Taking positive action on a daily basis
  • Committing to a lifetime of learning, growing and trusting the process
  • Being at peace with who you are meant to be
  • Focussing on wins and blessings both big and small
  • Proactively clearing limiting beliefs, subconscious roadblocks and anything that’s holding you back
  • Trusting yourself, following your intuition and making every failure an opportunity to grow
  • Creating abundance in your life (The Law of Attraction)
  • Living in harmony with your environment and focussing on bringing peace to your world

As with most things in life, there are definitely no shortcuts to creating peace through a prosperity mindset.  It really comes down to acknowledging what needs to change, creating space for personal growth and being committed to living a peaceful and harmonious lifestyle.  To achieve a prosperity mindset, you need to do the inner work and remain focussed on turning your biggest failures into your greatest achievements.

No matter where you are in your life’s journey, I highly recommend that you stay the course, finish what you’ve started and always look for ways to improve, grow and change to create peace in your life through a prosperity mindset.  Creating happiness and your dream life is closer than you think.

Building a Prosperity Mindset to Create Peace in Your Life

A good first step in changing your mindset and achieving peace is to be mindful of the energy and intention of the people you choose to spend time with.  Surround yourself with people who lift you up and who talk about ideas, concepts and success.  If you attract people who drag you down, drain your energy or simply don’t support you then it’s time to rethink those relationships.  Put your time, effort and energy into people who lift you up, support you and have your back all the time.

One of the key success factors in developing a prosperity mindset is working on the subconscious mind, releasing emotions, blocks and negative programming to help you succeed and achieve your goals.  Releasing subconscious beliefs, programs and emotions trapped in your body allows your memory to start disconnecting from the limiting emotions, thoughts and beliefs you’ve held in your body for a long time, possibly since you were a child.  Doing this helps reprogram your mind, removing mental and emotional blockages and patterns from the past that no longer serve you.  In turn the expansion and growth will create more peace in your life.

I use a wonderful technique I learnt, known as the Subconscious Release Technique.  This helps you target your subconscious mind to remove negative emotions, beliefs, self-talk and programming that is holding you back from creating peace through a prosperity mindset.

Below I’ve shared a snippet of this technique to get you started on your own journey of creating peace and harmony through a prosperity mindset.  You can use this process at any time throughout the day and multiple times per day.

Subconscious Release Technique

Take a deep breath in and out, ensuring you consciously release all the negative energy, feelings and emotions swirling through your body right now.

Repeat this three times to centre your energy and ground yourself in this moment.

  1. Focus on one negative emotion, feeling or belief that has been in your conscious mind today.

Take a deep breath in and repeat in your mind:

I release all positive and negative emotions with _ (negative emotion/feeling/belief) _ through all space and time. 

Release your breath. Take a deep breath in and out.  Repeat this process three times for each negative emotion, feeling or belief.

  1. If any specific negative feelings or emotions come up for you, then you can also release those subconscious beliefs by saying:

I release all _ (negative feeling or emotion) with _ (situation, relationship, context) _ through all space and time.

Here’s an example to help you:

I release all fear with following my dreams through all space and time.

NB: Repeat the process three times for each individual emotion, feeling or belief that you’re clearing from your subconscious mind.

  1. It’s super important to always finish this process with a touch of gratitude.

I’m so happy and grateful for all the __ (insert positive context) __ in my life.

I’m so happy and grateful for ___________________________.

Here’s an example to help get you started:

I’m so happy and grateful for everything that has worked out perfectly in my life.

I’m so happy and grateful for trusting myself to follow my dreams and achieve success.

The key to success with everything is to be consistent.  If you’re committed to creating peace, abundance, love and a prosperity mindset then set aside some time each day to complete this process.  You’ll soon notice small positive changes in your life.

To learn more about the work I do, reach out to me or follow my blog at www.jomartin.com

Joanne Martin – Book Writing Coach at Golden Earth Publishing – Australia