Messages and inspiration can come from all kinds of places… I found myself, upon waking, humming the words to a song. It was distant in my mind…. I must have heard it somewhere, sometime.

I knew some of the words only. It seemed to be an antidote to the news programs last evening, ones I usually avoid, but felt compelled to watch.

“Let there be peace for today and forever, may troubles cease in this fair land we love…”

I had no idea where the words were coming from… Eventually, hours into my day, a
search on YouTube brought me to the source…

I am currently creating a set of Oracle Cards, which I share each week in my Facebook Group ‘The Style and Lifedesign Inspiration Group’. The cards come through to me as Divine downloads.

I often do not recognise the words I have written as my own…. I cannot force them, I have to wait for them to land…

The title of the Oracle Card (no. 45) this week is:


The quest for peace can be long and complicated,
In this human life we are living.
Peace in our hearts.
Peace in our minds.
Peace in our relationships.
Peace in a world where peace is fragile and vulnerable.
Peace begins with each of us.
We have a powerful personal influence that we can choose to ignore.
Or use to spread peace.
Peace in our homes, where everyone is valued.
Our individual fragility allowed for.
A live and let live kind of peace.
Where we know that conflict is futile.
We choose to live lives based on values of freedom and abundance.
Taking clues from nature.
Full and plenty, with enough to share.
Words of poems and songs can bring peaceful inspiration.
Even the simplest forms of art too.
Peace in creativity.
Peace in community.
Peace spreading throughout the world.
Let there be PEACE.

So I keep humming and singing the words of the song I shared above, on behalf of friends we might never meet, in a country not so far away, that really, really needs PEACE.

Liz (Simmons) Hickey – Creator at Liz Hickey Lifedesign – Ireland