As the grand cleaning and transition is happening on mother Gaia, the unfortunate events of darkness are emerging to be blessed by the Light. Nothing about the situation in Ukraine and Russia feels deserving for the human experience and progress. Neither does what happened in the Palestine and Israel situation, in Afghanistan, or even at the border of India and Pakistan in 2020. There is, however a common red thread, soaked in blood. The divine aspects of us would think that by now, we as humans must have learnt to not hurt our own selves. By now, with eons of existence, we would have learnt to be more aligned to evolving together. Maybe we are just on our way if we continue to focus on that kind murmur in our hearts.

What a special species we are! We have a gift to be able to contemplate and observe our own existence.

We have a gift to be one with all life and play our part with love and responsibility if we so choose.

We have a gift to be compassionate and kind if we choose to.

Why does one side have to win? Why does one side have to show power? Why does one side need to take away the freewill of the other?

This intolerance is the manifestation of what we dont accept as a part within our own selves. Life is changing every moment on this lovely planet, our source of life. For us to ride with this change, all we need to do is love. Love ourselves, even the darkest parts, and so love others, even their darkest parts. For we do not abandon the ones we love when they need us most, because they are suffering. The vibration of suffering is the same on both sides of a war.

Conflict comes from a space of duality and that’s no way to see life when we are all these multidimensional beings. Just right and wrong, just good and evil and all other dualities are too limited as an expression to our magnificent selves. Our hearts are meant to be absolute expressions of love, joy and freedom. That makes us whole, that makes us human.

The greatest gift we can give the ones suffering is vibrating a prayer at the frequency of love, kindness and compassion. That is the richest gift we give to all life and this is what we need now. A kind and loving prayer for peace to resurface in the human heart. All we need to do is remember, Re-Member who we truly are. We are love experiencing itself through each of our realities. That’s all we are, and that’s all we should be.


Samridhi Purohit – Executive Coach and Global Talent Development Leader – Australia