Hi, I want to introduce myself: I’m Silke Harvey, also known as the Inner Hippie. I’m the founder of Inner Hippie Books, international bestselling author, energy healer, linguist and Rock’n’Roll bass player. But most of all, I’m a traveller!

I love travelling, particularly solo backpacking. To me, that’s the ultimate freedom! And I’m passionate about sharing this passion with other women.

Society tries to convince women that travelling solo is dangerous and many women get put off by all the negative talk. That’s such a shame, because it’s one of the most empowering things a woman can ever do! Oh, the sweet freedom of it all!

I’ve been backpacking solo since I was 16 years old and continued to do so throughout my entire marriage. It’s healthy to do your own thing even in a partnership!

This trip came about by accident, somewhat. Earlier this year, I was invited by a good friend to visit Sedona and participate in a retreat there. As an energy healer I couldn’t really say no – Sedona, the spiritual capital of the US! How amazing!

Even though the retreat didn’t work out for various reasons, the thought of Sedona didn’t let go of me. Then, a couple of weeks ago, Shawn, my wonderful husband, surprised me with a gift: the money for a plane ticket to the USA! Because he knew how much this trip meant to me! He’s such a beautiful person!

So the trip was on, but this time just for visiting. So I had a look on the map where all of my good friends are based who I’ve never met in real life. And I started plotting a route that takes on as many visits as possible.

When looking on the map, I realised that my route could easily be done on the Amtrak train. That confirmed it! It’s been a life-long dream of mine to ride the Amtrak one day!

So now I’ve arrived at this route:

New York – New Orleans – Los Angeles – Sedona – Austin – Oklahoma City – New York

It’ll be a blast and I’m so looking forward to meeting my friends and taking in all the sights!

I want to visit quirky places, greasy spoon diners, dinghy Blues bars, eat great street food, meditate on the red rocks, and generally discover those things not in the official guides.

It will be the adventure of a lifetime! 

And I invite you to be a part of it! I will be blogging the entire experience here, each and every day. And at the end, I’ll compile all of my great experiences in the Inner Hippie Travel Guide for Female Solo Backpackers.

Because I want you to get inspired! I want you to read, dream and pack your own bag and head off into your own adventures. I want you to experience the pure joy and freedom of backpacking solo.

So come on in, sister, grab yourself a coffee and listen to my travel stories.

Silke Harvey, the Inner Hippie