I’m off to the USA – are you coming?

Do you have contacts in
– New York
– New Orleans
– Los Angeles
– Sedona
– Austin
– Oklahoma City

for these kinds of businesses:
– Travel agency (for unusual and off-the-beaten-track trips)

– Hotel (cute, cosy, quirky or just plain different)

– Backpacker hostel (one that makes women feel safe and welcome)

– B&B (boutique, with a human touch)

– Speciality restaurant (something with a difference)

– Insider coffee shop (where all the locals go)

– Greasy spoon diner (the traditional sort like in the movies)

– Music venue (small, dinghy, with sh*t-hot Blues and Roots)

– Tourist attraction (the more unique and unusual the better)

– Curiosity shop with an online shop (crystals, hand-made trinkets, spells, potions, travel gadgets, eccentric clothing… the more imaginative the better)

I’m taking a solo trip to the USA this October and travelling via Amtrak.

I’ll be recording and journaling it all for a book.

The train is rolling into the station. My heart beats faster with pure joy and anticipation. Am I going to get a window seat? What is awaiting me at my destination? Whom am I going to meet along the way? The thrill of the journey is upon me!

Travelling solo to new and unexplored places is the purest form of joy for me. It’s the elixir of life! The Holy Grail of my existence! There’s no better feeling in the world!

I’ve been backpacking solo since I was 16 years old. It’s in my blood. And I’ve continued travelling solo even once I was married. I still do it all the time now.

When planning my trip, I decided to realise one of my dreams: to ride the famous Amtrak train across country, West to East. Time to dust off those hiking boots and remember what it’s like to have the ultimate freedom – just you, a backpack and a train ticket.

And then I got a loud and clear message directly from the Universe: “Record and write down everything and share it with the world. Women need to hear your message!”

I’m so deeply passionate about encouraging women to stand in their own power. Personally, I don’t know anything more empowering for a woman than to travel solo! Especially backpacking! It breaks all the rules – defies all of society’s conventions.

Contrary to common belief, women are just as capable as any man to travel solo. Yet we get discouraged with negative talk about all the dangers and pitfalls. Like nobody trusts us to get from A to B without the help of a knight in shiny armour. But we’re not damsels in distress!

Yet way too many women listen to all this negative talk and get put off by it. They shelve their travel plans, convincing themselves that it’s not worth the risk, and end up dreaming of what could have been for the rest of their lives.

This is just so sad! And I’ve made it my mission to change this! I want to start a global movement of beautiful, strong and free women who realise their own worth and capabilities and live life to the fullest.

As a book publisher and writer, I’m in the perfect position to make this dream a reality. And that’s why I’m creating the

***Inner Hippie Travel Guide for Female Solo Backpackers***

I’m looking for 20 businesses that want to advertise in the back of the book.

Tell me your favourite people below, I can’t wait to meet them!

Write to silke@innerhippiebooks.com

Silke Harvey, the Inner Hippie