There is an awful lot of collective fear in the world right now. As an energy healer and sensitive, I can feel it – I can almost touch it! And it feels all wrong.

Mother Earth is going through major changes right now. She is shedding the old ways and entering a new Golden Age. But the old ways are not going down without a fight! And that is what we are all experiencing right now – the death struggles of an age that is coming to an end.

But no death struggle is ever pretty. It’s ugly, and real, and brutal and nasty. And it causes fear. Terrible fear.

Since I’ve announced my travel plans to the world, my inbox has been bursting with women – friends, family and mere acquaintances – asking me , no BEGGING me, to reconsider, to cancel the trip, to take friends with me, to book into the most expensive hotels only, to take private transport wherever I can, to basically not backpack solo at all.

Although they all mean well, I’ve been shocked by the deep-rooted, fundamental fear and anxiety that my trip is triggering. 

And what’s even more shocking to me is that this coming exclusively from women.

My male friends are cheering me all the way, “Whoah – take lots of photos, we want to know all about it!”

Meanwhile, many of my female friends are shaking with fear.

And THIS is the very reason I am going on this trip!

It is unacceptable to me, that millions – possibly even billions – of women are living with such fear.

It’s an ancestral wound that was caused by all of the atrocities committed against women over the millennia.

But it’s ENOUGH!

Women deserve so much better than that!

We are strong, capable and extremely resilient!


Women all over the world are imprisoning themselves in their own minds.

Women everywhere are pretending to be damsels in distress when in reality they are fc*ing lionesses!


The time has come for women to realise that THERE IS NO NEED FOR FEAR!

Yes, of course, travelling brings with it certain dangers. 


A man is just as likely to get mugged as any woman if he walks around in the wrong areas after dark!

This risk is not gender-related!

Every journey has its perils, but they are perfectly manageable if you have some common sense and your head screwed on.

These last few weeks have showed me where I need to go in life.

What I’m here for, in this life, in this body, in this time.

I am here to show women all over the world that THERE IS NO NEED FOR FEAR!

Fear is toxic, fear is stale, outdated, male energy.

The patriarchy is dying.

It’s trying to scare you with it’s last few threats.

Because fear is all it knows.

But it’s time to wake up!

It’s time to stand up and be counted!

It’s time to live YOUR LIFE!

You don’t have to physically hit the road, like me.

But you do need to shake off the old and start LIVING.

Whatever that means for you.

You can do it, sister! You’re a goddess and I salute you!

Silke Harvey, the Inner Hippie