I’m so excited to introduce you to Mary Gooden – retreat organiser, book publisher and wonderful spiritual being! She runs retreats in Sedona amongst the sacred rocks. I will be visiting her on my travels and find out first-hand the beauty of sacred Sedona! Stay tuned for the blog in October. I think this calls for a full chapter in the book – don’t you?

In the meantime, go check out Mary’s retreats:

Sedona Private and Group Retreats

All lodging and meals will be provided.

All activities, excursions, world class trails/hikes, outdoor adventures, and vortex visits included.

Our time together will hold an intention for personal transformation. This immersion is designed to align you with complete self-acceptance, self-trust, and self-love.

The universe is a place of discovery, magic, and mysticism. We come into this world to unveil our own soul-purpose and to reveal our own gifts, so we can serve the world and advance our own spiritual evolution. Enjoy space for personal spiritual exploration and a deeper connection to self.

Together we will embody a greater sense of beauty, love, and freedom and enjoy the pure, true essence of life.

This journey will ask for commitment, dedication, and self-reflection.

I invite you to open yourself to what is there, leave all expectations behind and enter the enlightened perspective and sacred landscape of our journey with an open heart – whatever comes will be exactly what you need.


✅ Lodging

✅ All Meals (based on your specific need 😉)

✅ Daily yoga and meditation, and sound ceremony to awaken our senses

✅ Excursions, Vortex’s and Sedona’s best temples and hikes

These retreats offer space! Space to grow, expand and completely transform.

There is no timeline or limit to what becomes available during our time together! 

If you are ready to allow the Universe to take the lead… Please join me 💗

✨ This Land Speaks ✨

❤️ This is the land of infinite possibility.

Anchor into the support of the Divine Mother, the Earth and your Soul’s Purpose

🧡 This is the land of endless creativity.

Explore the depths of your passion and purpose!

💛 This sacred land of Sedona is calling you.

If you are ready to live, love and create on a whole new level, join me Now!

💚 Revitalize your Spirit

Feel nourishment on a cellular level with breath-taking views of nature!

💙 Connect Fully with your Guides

Hear the voices of ancestors and ancient storytellers!

💜 Awaken to Infinite Possibility 

Experience the clarity, confidence and calm!

I wholeheartedly support your path of well-being.

Are you ready for this level of healing, awareness and assurance?   

Booking Link: https://www.marygooden.com


Silke Harvey, the Inner Hippie