Come, sister! Draw up a chair, pour yourself a coffee and join me by the fireside. I want to tell you a story!

Inner Hippie Books is a multi-author book publishing house where inspiring women tell their powerful stories to the world

Did you know that even in this day and age, women are still suffering from the deep ancestral wounds inflicted on them by the burning times?

For hundreds of years, women have been put in their place, made to shut up and put up, discriminated against and generally made to feel like a weak, inefficient add-on to society who is tolerated rather than accepted.

I’m here to help change this. I provide a virtual fireside where women can tell their stories. I want every woman on this planet to realise that she has the birthright to be here, that she’s a daughter of Gaia, a powerful Goddess and creatress of a better world.

Thousands of years ago, women were the storytellers of their tribes. They sat around the fire in sacred circle and spun the tales that educated and entertained, that made their kin laugh and cry.

The time to be silent is over. This is the age of women rising to reclaim their rightful positions as equals in society! And to become the powerful storytellers they once were!

Here at Inner Hippie Books, I provide a platform for inspirational women to tell their powerful stories to the world. Join me by the fireside sister, and tell me your story!

Silke Harvey is the founder of the Inner Hippie Club and Inner Hippie Books, radio presenter, Senior Level Executive Contributor at Brainz Magazine, Brainz 500 Global 2020 honoree and CREA Global Awards 2022 nominee. Her mission in life is to help strong and amazing women to live their authentic and purposeful lives and to stand up, speak their truth and be heard.

Drawing on her colourful past as an energy healer, Rock’n’Roll bass player, corporate employee and freelance financial translator, she has compiled her wealth of personal and professional knowledge into the Inner Hippie Club to help other women find joy and purpose again.

Inner Hippie Books is a natural extension of the Inner Hippie Club, providing those amazing women who have managed to release and reclaim their Inner Hippie with a platform, a virtual fireside, from which to create a movement of authentic storytelling that will make the world a better place for all women.

Silke is also a certified Reiki Master, Reiki Drum and Seichem Level II practitioner, a graduate of the Diploma in Chakra Dancing and Creative Meditation, HAO Diploma in Animal Healing and HAOK9 Massage, and a member of the Healing Animals Organisation.

She lives in the UK with her wonderful husband and rescue dog and splits her time between her cosy home by the coast in North East England and her beautiful country cottage in Bulgaria where she is planning to run retreats.

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