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Meet the courageous STRONG AND FREE women who are telling their powerful, heart-felt stories and lay bare their souls to inspire other women to break free from society’s expectations and lead a life in alignment with their innermost purpose.

CARNELIA DANICE is a multi-passionate businesswoman who forged her own career path. Growing up in a culturally tight family, it seemed like her life had been planned: graduate university, get a corporate job, but don’t be ambitious because you’ll inevitably get married, have kids and become a stay-at-home mum.

It’s not until she reached this supposed milestone that she questioned her own identity and how she wanted to live her life. Since then, she’s been healing her past. This has led her to embark on a life-transformation journey, including a career change.

She now works in her dream job as a trust analyst in a top 200 ASX-listed financial services company. She believes in living authentically and freely and is currently on a journey to reach a financial-freedom lifestyle. She lives in Sydney with her daughter and loves yoga, dancing, theatre, arts and volunteering as a youth mentor.

Charlotte De Jaegher (also known as Charlotte El Casador) is the founder of Arasari Lifestyle, a certified health & lifestyle specialist, educator, coach and a care coordinator for schools.

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain is a self-love advocate and business and brand strategist who helps brave women entrepreneurs to unapologetically love and accept themselves so that their amazing business dreams become reality.

Esther is the author of The Wonderfully Weird Woman’s Manual and the founder of the Self Love Success Club. She combines her analytical mind with a deep connection to Source. Praised by clients for her uncanny ability to see both the obstacles and the solutions, Esther uses 25 years in marketing, branding, strategy, and communication with brands like KLM/Air France and European Union to co-create irresistible brands. She lives with her husband and son – and two obnoxious cats – on an old farm in the north of the Netherlands. Esther is addicted to red lipstick, Jasmin tea, and art (lots of art).

Hayden Orme is an international speaker, a writer, a 50 Ton Master Merchant Mariner Captain, and the CEO/owner of Handled. By Hayden, LLC. Hayden supported top executives and their teams for over 13 years at various companies, most recently managing the office of the Chairman and CEO of the McKesson Corporation (a Fortune 5 company at the time). Now as an entrepreneur and business owner herself, Hayden’s passion for the ocean and sailing shines through in her brand, and within this book.

Hayden has been awarded “The Top 10 Meeting Planners” by Women’s Business Boston, featured in Boston Business Journal’s “On the Move” for Business Services, and honoured on the Brainz CREA Global Awards list for 2021. Hayden is also an Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine, and on the Board of Directors for the Cranio Cervical Foundation. She lives on the seacoast of New Hampshire with her partner, Christopher.

JANIFER WHEELER is a former teacher turned award winning entrepreneur. She’s spent over 25 years helping schools & small businesses get their shift together.
She started The JOYFully BadAss Business Academy™, to help other BadAss female biz owners win the burnout battle using JOY as a business strategy. Her work-at-your own pace courses cover a variety of biz dev topics and are delivered via MicroText making it easier to integrate into your daily routine.
Her clients have gotten trapped by their own brilliance and believe the hype that you must hustle & grind or you will never be successful. Not at the JFBBA. Her motto is “If it’s not JOYFull, I’m not doing it.”
She was named to BRAINZ CREA Global 2021 list of international entrepreneurs, innovators and influential leaders for her work in the area of sustainability and mental health using JOY as a business strategy.
Janifer loves to read, travel, cook, camp and listen to live music.

Kinga Staszalek is a love and relationship coach expert, energy healer, and founder of Lapis Evolution.

Kinga grew up in a very conservative family where most of her life she was told what to do, how to love, how to talk and how to think. After years of living in an ego-driven world and pleasing others, Kinga realised how disconnected she was from her soul and heart’s desires.
A life crisis inspired her to completely change her personal, love and business life. This was a turning point in Kinga’s life. She started to heal the past, stepped into her unique gift and became a free, strong woman, leading by her own example.
Kinga helps women to step into their inner power, connect with the heart and never hold back their truth. Kinga’s clients get amazing results. They not only become unapologetically themselves but also attract deep authentic connections, ideal life partners and create the life of their dreams, free from society, cultural or family expectations.

Lindsay Cross lives her childhood dream. She runs the Animal School.
Lindsay lives in Sussex, UK, with 140 rescued exotic pets and hosts educational talks and animal therapy. Because her job didn’t exist when she was growing up, she made it herself. Her story is a journey of faith.

Lindsay believes meeting live animals affects people in positive ways and teaches the next generation to appreciate the natural world. She has met thousands of children at her animal clubs. She also works with adults for NHS and Age UK, providing pet therapy.
Lindsay is very creative. She studied illustration at Central St Martins College of Art and she is a writer, musician and vlogger. Her YouTube channel, Lindsay’s Animal School, showcases her lifestyle and passion for nature. When she is not with the animals, you can find her up a tree or planning the next lesson in her Mongolian Yurt.

Silke Harvey is the founder of the Inner Hippie Club and Inner Hippie Books, radio presenter, Reiki Master, Reiki Drum practitioner, Chakra Dancing facilitator and HAO Animal Healing graduate.

She uses her energy healing skills to help women release their Inner Hippie, that carefree teenage feeling before life got serious, and her translating and editing skills and passion for books to publish powerful stories of inspiring women.

In the past, she toured all over the UK and Europe as a bass player in various Rock’n’Roll bands, ran an indie record label and developed a successful career in financial translation working for one of the Big Four, then freelancing it.

Silke lives in the UK with her husband and beloved rescue dog and splits her time between her cosy home near the coast and her beautiful country cottage in Bulgaria where she is planning to run retreats.

It is difficult to describe who TRIIN UUSTALU is. She has worked as a professional programmer but has also dedicated her life to learning to know the human soul and little things in life. Her inner child has been her life-long companion, urging her to explore new and exciting themes. Together, they have learned how to cut glass, how to grow watermelons, iron smelting, the dialect of doves, ice-skating (something she disliked as a child), horseback riding, welding, and more. They also built a small treehouse (her children applauded to that), a brick stove, made furniture, many lamps, and other wonderous things. They discovered that there is much more to all of these adventures than just technical aspects, so they have written several manuscripts about them.
Triin lives with her children in a small village in Estonia, works as a robotics teacher, is the creator behind Magpie Mill Jewelry and writes about discovering the world.

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