Author name: Silke Harvey

Silke is the CEO of Inner Hippie Books, a publishing house and platform for female thought leaders, an international bestselling author, travel writer, energy healer and bass player. She lives with her 2 beautiful rescue dogs in a cosy home near the seaside in the North East of the UK. When her husband of 31 years left her just 2 days after her dear mum died and left behind everything, including his classic Land Rover, Silke decided it's time to start new and follow her dream to travel the world. This is how the idea of "One Woman and her Dogs in a Land Rover" was born. This is the beginning of a breath-taking journey into a new life and reality. The adventure starts in Wales this summer. Who knows where it will lead in time? Subscribe and be part of this trip of a lifetime that proves that there is life after loss!

One Woman and her Dogs in a Land Rover

Graduation from the School of Rock’n’Roll

What an opening weekend to my hollibobs!

The Unearthed Festival has come and gone and I’m left to reflect on a life-changing experience.

So much has shifted in just three days! A brand new timeline has opened up in front of me!

On Wednesday night at 1am, I, Frunza and Frankie piled into the red Land Rover to drive to Pembrokeshire over night.

A week earlier, the windscreen had cracked and the earliest repair appointment was Wednesday.


How to Pack All the Clothes You Need for a Long Trip into One Cabin-sized Suitcase

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Welcome to One Woman and her Dogs in a Land Rover

Welcome to my brand new video channel and video series One Woman and her Dogs in a Land Rover.

Follow me, Frunza and Frankie as we set out on adventures in my trusty old Landy.

The journey starts in Wales, UK. Over time, it will take us to many places in the UK, Europe and even overseas in the end!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see what us three girls are getting up to:

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