Do You Want to Be a Bestselling Author?

Inner Hippie Books publishes multi-author books and solo author books that become guaranteed bestsellers on Amazon and also provides audiobook production services. Our authors are not afraid of hard work and have an understanding of what is required for success as an entrepreneur. Investing in publication is an investment in themselves and their business.

Multi-Author Books


You’re only responsible to write one chapter, usually around 1000 to 3000 words.

The whole publishing and backend is taken care of, quickly, simply, and efficiently by an award-winning team.

The results are the same as a full book – you are guaranteed to become a bestselling author!

Elevating your expert status and increasing both sales and reputation of your business.

Increasing your visibility, booking podcasts with ease, making it into the press and standing OUT from all the noise on social media.

Feeling that huge personal satisfaction that seeing your work FINALLY in print gives you!

What if you could have all that?


Solo Authors

You are ready to share your message and story with the world, but marketing and/or writing a book is different from running a service-based business.

We have packages that work with authors at every stage of the authorship process.

Inner Hippie Books publishes solo author books that become guaranteed bestsellers on Amazon. To be considered, you run a successful 6-figure business or above, regularly invest in yourself, and have an email list of at least 5000.

Audiobook Production

No need to fuss over finding a voice actor for your story, we do all the difficult work of ensuring you get a voice acting file crafted and developed for the audiobook publication of your existing novel.

Inner Hippie Books produces audiobooks for authors who want to convert existing books into this popular format to increase their reach. Please note that these packages are production packages only and do not include publishing and marketing.