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Following on from the hugely successful STRONG AND FREE Vol. 1, which hit the Amazon bestseller lists at No. 1 in 6 countries and in over 40 categories, applications are now open for STRONG AND FREE Vol. 2.

This compilation of stories by strong and amazing women will inspire you and lift you up. In their own voices, they show the world what it takes to overcome adversity and to break with society’s expectations to lead aligned and purposeful lives.
They are shining examples of how much you can achieve if you are determined. You will get an insight into what it took these women to stand up and speak their truth. These stories are touching, emotional, devastating and funny. You are invited to come to their circle, sit down, grab yourself a coffee and listen to some wonderful storytelling.
Come, sister, and tell us your story! The world is ready to hear what you have to say!

Visionaries who are lighting the way to a brighter future.
Inspirational leaders see a better future for humanity that honours Mother Earth and they show us all the way in this deeply significant multi-author book.

TORCHBEARERS is a book of inspirational authors who have…

Found the way forward into a better and brighter future for humanity
Know it is time to lead the way and inspire society to follow suit
Feel the urgency and importance of their mission and want to get their word out there NOW!
If that is you, get in touch now! There is a space for you in this book!