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Visionaries who are lighting the way to a brighter future.

Inspirational leaders see a better future for humanity that honours Mother Earth and they show us all the way in this deeply significant multi-author book.

TORCHBEARERS is a book of inspirational authors who have…

  • Found the way forward into a better and brighter future for humanity
  • Know it is time to lead the way and inspire society to follow suit
  • Feel the urgency and importance of their mission and want to get their word out there NOW!

If that is you, get in touch now! There is a space for you in this book!

Benefits of Becoming a Bestselling Author

There is a quick and efficient way to becoming a bestselling author – MULTI-AUTHOR BOOKS. You write one chapter of 3000 words – more than enough to explain your idea in detail – and join a group of authors who are all working toward a common goal:
the message of the book. And you’ll do all of this in just 90 days!

TORCHBEARERS is a book of inspirational authors who have…

  • Found the way forward into a better and brighter future for humanity
  • Know it is time to lead the way and inspire society to follow suit
  • Feel the urgency and importance of their mission and want to get their word out there NOW!

If that is you, get in touch now! There is a space for you in this book!

  • Are you a successful entrepreneur or corporate executive with a great deal of influence?


  • Do you empower women and/or minorities and disadvantaged persons with your business and work?


  • Have you invented and/or developed a product, service or process that is sustainable and in alignment with Mother Earth?


  • An environmentally friendly product, a service that treads lightly on this Earth, a humane corporate process


  • Have you found the way to do business and trade without devastating the planet?

Be a Torchbearer!

“Have you ever wondered what this world would be like without us humans in it? Without the pollution we create? The war and strife we cause? Without the borders and barriers we’ve put up everywhere that stop us from moving freely across the land?

Are you, like me, a dreamer who can imagine the sheer beauty of mother nature unspoilt by factories, highways and tower blocks? The gracefulness of mighty rivers flowing pure and unpoisoned?

And can you imagine how wonderful life could be on this planet if humanity changed its ways? Got enlightened enough to realise that we don’t need to destroy our very home to live in comfort and abundance?

I remember dreaming about this since I was a young child. The environmental issues in the 70s and 80s were already as pressing as today. The wars and conflicts were already brewing. The nuclear threat was ever-present.

Fast-forward 40 years and nothing has changed. If anything, things have gone even worse. Our protests back then when we were young and passionate haven’t done a thing – or so it seems.

But in reality, they have. They have helped to raise a generation who is fully aware and awake and who has brought up their children and grandchildren to be the same. So the wave of people who are waking up and wanting to change things is gathering pace.

Change for the better is needed now more than ever. Time is of the essence – the global warming figures and genocide in the world are making that crystal clear.

But the cynics say that change is impossible. That it would mean going back to living in mud hut communities wearing tie-dyed clothes. These are the people who are so in love with money that they would sell this planet for a few bucks in their bank accounts.

But don’t be fooled by them. Change doesn’t have to mean a return to the dark ages – that’s just scare-mongering by the capitalists who see their profit margins dwindle.

Humanity has access to advanced technologies that make it possible to live in harmony with this planet. We have learnt how to produce degradable plastic, how to use gentler materials such as bamboo and hemp. How to recycle and reuse.

Humanity is also becoming more aware of social issues such as discrimination against women, minorities and disadvantaged groups within society and good and valuable changes are starting to happen in this respect.

Awareness is increasing, opportunities are opening up and people are starting to learn to live with each other in harmony and understanding.

So are you, like me, a dreamer and visionary who can see the way forward for humanity? To make this world a better place for all the children and generations of their children to come?

Have you seen the way forward? Developed a product or service that goes gentle on the planet? Had an idea for a process that is humane and honours Mother Earth?

Are you, like me, passionate about empowering women, minorities and the disadvantaged with your business or work?

And do you know exactly how to implement your vision but need to get the word out about it to the world because you know that spreading the word is the only way to wake up those who are still asleep?

Then I’d LOVE to hear your story! I am launching TORCHBEARERS – Visionaries who are lighting the way to a brighter future – a multi-author book for visionaries like you.

I want to share your deeply significant vision with the world because I’m heartfelt and passionate about spreading the light that is so desperately needed to help wake up the sleeping part of humanity.

You see – deep down I’m still that young girl who had a vision of a beautiful planet unspoilt by pollution and strife. And I’m truly convinced that this vision is possible if only enough people realise how easy it can be!

So if you are one of the visionaries who feels called to come forward to share their crucial message in this profound book, then get in touch!

The time is now – the call has never been more urgent – Mother Earth needs you – the children need you – humanity needs you to shine the way to a brighter future!

Be a Torchbearer!”

Silke Harvey – CEO of Inner Hippie Books

  • Join us and become a TORCHBEARER!

The world is in turmoil. The current systems are no longer working and on the verge of collapse. The climate crisis has become an emergency of catastrophic proportions. And the window of opportunity to start turning things around is rapidly disappearing. The only way forward for humanity is for leaders to come forward who have found a way to live harmoniously on this Earth. Humanity has the spiritual awareness, knowledge and technological possibilities to make a sustainable future happen for us all. SO IF YOU KNOW THE WAY FORWARD THE TIME TO SPEAK IS NOW!

You’ve found a way to empower women and/or minorities and disadvantaged persons, you’ve developed your product, service or process and are burning to get the word out to the world about it. You know in your heart that time is of the essence and that it’s crucial for humanity to hear the wake-up call. You decide to write a book because that’s the best way of convincing the public of your vision.


  • Your idea is great but what can you do about it? How can you convince the world that your idea is important and needed?
    You’re getting lost in research. There’s so much information out there in cyberspace that you feel like drowning in it. Is your idea even new? Has it been done before? Doubt sets in and you wonder if it’s such a great idea after all.
  • Every time you sit down to write you’re lost for words and don’t know how to get the thoughts out of your head and onto paper.
    Why can’t you seem to get rid of writer’s block? You write almost every day in your business/job, so why is this so different?
  • You wonder how you can possibly get a large enough following to make a book launch even remotely feasible. You’re not a celebrity after all…
    The thought of the endless hours needed to market your book fills you with dread because it seems impossible on top of your already jam-packed schedule. You wouldn’t even know where to start when it comes to converting followers into readers. It all seems very tedious and tiring.
  • You dread having to prepare your book for publishing. It’s just So. Much. Work!!!
    Editing, proofreading, creating layouts, designing the cover, uploading to the publishing platform… the to-do list seems endless. Even your VA panics at the sight of it!
  • The thought of launching your book makes you feel anxious.
    What if things go wrong after all of the hard work? What if the book goes nowhere? What if nobody buys it after all?
  • You’re entirely lost when it comes to exploiting your new bestselling author status.
    You’re now a bestselling author. So what? How can that help you get your product, service or process noticed?

All of these fears are entirely normal and happen even to the best and most famous of authors. Because writing a book IS a huge commitment and takes an enormous amount of work and dedication. But the good news is that you don’t have to expend all this energy just to get your message out there. There is a much quicker and more efficient way – MULTI-AUTHOR BOOKS. You write one chapter of 3000 words – more than enough to explain your idea in detail – and join a group of authors who are all working toward a common goal – the message of the book.

Your benefits:

  • You enjoy step-by-step writing coaching.
    We help you get your idea out of your head and guiding you through the entire writing process plus you can ask for support from your fellow authors at any time. The Hollywood Story Structure Secrets training takes you through everything you need to know when writing a compelling and effective story – just like they do in Hollywood!
  • You blast through all of your writer’s blocks.
    In the Intensive 1-day Online Author Retreat, we make sure that you get going! In a combination of live Zoom calls and messenger support, we guide you through any blocks that you may encounter on your writing journey. And The Kaleidoscope Method will help you to create new ideas.
  • All your marketing and social media worries are taken care of.
    Get all the marketing training that you need with the Movie Marketing VIP Program, Offer Mastery Bootcamp and your very own funnel swipe file. These invaluable trainings and documents teach you EVERYTHING you need to know for effectively marketing your book – even your VA will thank you for making this task SO easy!
  • All of the publishing backend services are taken care of for you.
    Once you’ve written your story, you can sit back and relax whilst your book is being proofread, edited, given a wonderful cover design, its layout is being designed and everything is coordinated and uploaded to Amazon ready for publishing. Whilst your waiting for your book to be professionally done, why not enjoy some of the complementary self-care packages that we will be running alongside the main program? Because looking after No. 1 is essential for achieving great things in business!
  • All the anxiety is taken out of launch day when you’re launching your book in the company of your fellow authors.
    The level of comradery and encouragement is unbelievable when a group of like-minded individuals are all pushing for the same thing – making your book a total success. With such a powerful network at your disposal, becoming a bestseller is guaranteed. No more worrying about making it as an author!
  • You’ll learn how to exploit your bestselling author status.
    In various trainings leading up to the launch, you’ll find out how to use your bestselling author status to get speaking engagement, onto podcasts, TV, radio and in the media. With this knowledge it’s easy to get your word out there and improve your standing as an expert in your field, share your important product, service or process with the world and light the way to a brighter future for all of humanity! And to help you spread then word even further, you’ll be automatically included as a guest speaker at the TORCHBEARER Virtual Summit!

With that much help and support, writing your story and sharing it with the world couldn’t be easier! And if it still seems like too much to take on, we can even arrange a ghostwriter for you on request (additional fees apply) and you can introduce us to your VA so that you don’t have to attend any trainings in person (everything will be recorded and available for replay as well).

So if you have developed a product, service or process that Mother Earth needs right now and you’re ready to shine your light as a TORCHBEARER who leads humanity into a brighter future, then get in touch! We want to hear from you!

Here Is EVERYTHING You Get When You Sign Up To Become A Bestselling Author in 90 Days:

    Full Publishing Backend Services

    We do all of the tedious backend work – proofreading, editing, layout, design and uploading to Amazon. Sit back and relax, knowing that your story is in good hands.

    (Value: $3,997)

    Writing Coaching

    We guide you through the entire writing process… from the first word until the final edit. You can ask us your questions during regular group Zoom calls and if you ever get entirely unstuck, we’re just an email away. Pre-recorded training material is available so that you can refer back to it any time you need to.

    (Value: $2,497)

    Training on How to Monetise the Book

    We arrange various live training sessions throughout your writing journey, including how to write an effective press release, how to pitch to the press, how to successfully get onto podcasts and how to get speaking engagements.

    (Value: $997)

    Virtual Summit Speaker

    As a TORCHBEARER, you’ll be automatically entitled to speak live at the TORCHBEARER Summit. This is a great opportunity to showcase your book in front of an audience who is ready for what you have to say – so important for getting your crucial message out there!

    (Value: $497)

    Virtual Summit Affiliate Partnership

    As a TORCHBEARER, you are automatically registered as an affiliate partner for the TORCHBEARER Summit. You will get your personal affiliate link and earn commission for every paying referral.

    (Value: $1,997)


    – FREE –  Selfcare Training for Authors

    When hustling and bustling and engaging in exciting new projects, you often tend to forget one crucial thing: LOOKING AFTER NO. 1!

    In this training, you’re reminded to take some much-needed time out and look after yourself – because writing comes easiest when you’re feeling well and relaxed! We want our authors to be the best they can be and we therefore offer opportunities for meditation, reflection and connection with Source.

    (Value: $497)

    – FREE –  Movie Marketing VIP Program

    What does the movie business have to do with my business, you ask?

    The number one skill that separates those on top from those just getting by is the ability to successfully connect seemingly unrelated ideas from different industries. Steve Jobs was able to reinvent the mobile phone, music distribution, and book publishing all by connecting seemingly unrelated things.

    Today, because of the internet, all business is show business, and there are only two types of brands out there, “So what everyday brands” and “A-List Celebrity Brands”, and if you’re not a celebrity brand, you know what kind of brand you are…

    So, if you are ready to go from a “So What Brand” to an “A-List Celebrity Brand,” it’s time to MODEL MOVIE MARKETING so that you are the ONLY sensible choice in your niche, and don’t worry, you will not be spending all your time on social media. In fact, this strategy allows you to fill your social media with little effort.

    (Value: $997)

    – FREE –  Hollywood Story Structure Secrets

    What makes a Hollywood movie so successful? It’s a mixture of emotion, story, and achievement.

    Imagine if every time you put pen to paper or fingertip to keyboard, you could instantly motivate and inspire your audiences, readers, and potential clients and customers to take action.

    Now you can increase your impact and income with Hollywood Story Structure Secrets!

    By following this simple formula that Hollywood has mastered over the last 100 years, you’ll be able to attract more clients and buyers by giving them their own emotional experience of success and achievement.

    (Value: $497)

    – FREE –  The Kaleidoscope Method

    Ever wonder if there is a formula for coming up with great new ideas? The Kaleidoscope Method is a technique for doing just that. It’s a simple five-step formula anyone can use to be more creative in business and in life.

    You can use this for your chapter, your entire book, or anytime you need to come up with an idea. Writer’s block is a thing of the past. No need to suffer in silence, just work your way through the steps with confidence that your next big idea is right around the corner.

    (Value: $247)

    – FREE –  Funnel Swipe File

    You have all the pieces, right? So now what?
    You need to set up your webpages / sales funnel, right?
    “Well, what kind of funnel should I build?” Great question and the answer is: just take ours!
    Wait, what? Yours?
    Yes, We will give you this exact funnel, plus the emails and follow up sequences, and all you have to do is swap in your message, images, and offer.
    This is where a lot of people get held up, lose ground and then eventually give up. But not you!
    But what if you don’t use the same software as me, you ask. I will share with you a 14 day trial so you can try it out. Then you can continue with it or pull out what you need and use your own software.
    And don’t worry, we’ll record a whole video on what everything is and how to use it.
    We are fully committed to your success!

    (Value: $2,997)

    – FREE –  Offer Mastery Bootcamp

    Motivating people to take action is not about gimmicky titles, fictional characters, or flashy images. It’s about genuine, true, and authentic emotion and the transformation you provide that makes them buy.

    You’ll discover how to make precise and profitable offers based on your customers’ desired results, so they not only buy from you, they also tell everyone else to buy from you.

    Learn to create great core product offers which are the foundation of your business. When you have a great core product offer, you will have a business that is sustainable and scalable.

    Find out which offers to use and when, so you can build a brilliant offer that will blow your customers’ mind!

    (Value: $997)


    – FREE –  Intensive 1-day Online Author Retreat

    Is writer’s block stopping your progress? We’ll help you blast through any obstacles in your writing during this 1-day online training. We brainstorm and set the intention for the day on an initial Zoom call, then you go away and write. Help is available all day long via messenger. Got a question? Ask away! In a final Zoom meeting, we’ll go over what you’ve achieved and make sure that you’re ready to go and on your way to writing your story!


    (Value: $347)

    Here Is What You Get…

    When You Sign Up To Become A Bestselling Author In 90 DAYS

    Only 25 Spots Available Per Book. Don’t Miss Out!!!

    • Full Publishing Backend Services (Value: $3,997)
    • ​Writing Coaching (Value: $2,497)
    • ​Training on How to Monetise the Book (Value: $997)
    • ​Virtual Summit Speaker (Value: $497)
    • ​Virtual Summit Affiliate Partnership (Value: $1,997)

    • ​Selfcare Training for Authors (Value: $497)
    • ​Movie Marketing VIP Program (Value: $997)
    • Hollywood Story Structure Secrets (Value: $497)
    • The Kaleidoscope Method (Value: $247)
    • ​Funnel Swipe File (Value: $2,997)
    • ​Offer Mastery Bootcamp (Value: $997) FAST ACTION TAKER BONUS
    • Intensive 1-day Online Author Retreat (Value: $347)

    Total Value $16,564



    TORCHBEARERS is a compilation of stories by thought leaders, visionaries and change-makers is inspirational and essential reading for anyone wanting to make a positive change in this world. The current trend of destruction on this planet cannot continue if the human race is to survive. The situation is now past critical and time is of the essence to start making the changes that are needed to guarantee a future for our children and for many generations yet to come.

    Spread your message and light the way for humanity!

    If you have any questions, get in touch with me at silke@innerhippiebooks.com