Female visionaries who are lighting the way to a brighter future

Silke Harvey, Founder of Inner Hippie Books

These inspirational leaders see a better future for humanity that honours Mother Earth and they show us all the way in this deeply significant multi-author book.

TORCHBEARERS is a book of inspirational authors who have…

  • Found the way forward into a better and brighter future for humanity
  • Know it is time to lead the way and inspire society to follow suit
  • Feel the urgency and importance of their mission and want to get their word out there NOW!

If that is you, get in touch now! There is a space for you in this book!

But why contribute to a multi-author book?

If you…

  • Need to get your mission out there…
  • Know that time is of the essence and humanity needs to hear your message RIGHT NOW…
  • Want to use a book for reaching as many people as possible…


  • Lack the time to write and publish a whole book…
  • Find the writing process difficult and don’t know where to start
  • Have no clue about publishing and lack the time to investigate this complex process

In a multi-author book,

You write one chapter only, usually around 3,000 words – no more than a regular blog…

The whole publishing and backend is taken care of, quickly, simply, and efficiently…

The results are the same as a full book – you are guaranteed to become a bestselling author, spreading the word about a better future in alignment with Mother Earth…

You get support from a community of authors, making the whole process so much more enjoyable…

Who am I looking for in this book?

Thought leader, visionaries and change-makers from industry, commerce and business who know that we cannot continue down the path of infinite growth on a finite planet. You have seen the way forward into a better future – a future that honours Mother Earth and by doing so creates a better life for all humanity on this planet. You have developed trailblazing, environmentally friendly products or you have developed forward-thinking processes that improve your company’s footprint, HR processes or any process that creates a kinder, sustainable working environment that is worthy of a better society that ticks on kindness, compassion and love for this planet instead of exploitation and profit at all cost.


Bestselling Multi-Author Exclusive
– 3000 word chapter
– 500 word bio
– 5 links in bio
– 4 one-on-one development sessions
– 1 day on Voxer with Silke
– Professional writing coaching
– Developmental edit
– Guaranteed media coverage

• Access to an exclusive author community
Where we support and leverage a powerhouse of inspirational authors to help market and promote each other to spread the word even faster. As we all know – time is of the essence now and the way into the future is through community!

• 4 one-on-one development sessions
1-hour Zoom sessions where you can ask questions, discuss any obstacles you may be facing in your writing journey and anything else that you need assistance with.

• 1 day on Voxer with Silke
8 hours during which you can ask for help with your writing and marketing.

• Professional writing coaching
With expert guidance and all the help you need along the way, writing your story and author bio will be stress-free and enjoyable.

• Training and guidance on how to optimally benefit from your bestselling author status and spread your message even further.
You will learn how to promote your book, how to use it to get featured in the media, land speaking engagements, and gain new followers on social media.

• Extended backend assistance: proofreading, developmental edit, layout and design, publishing a guaranteed bestseller on Amazon
This is all taken care of by an award-winning team with a proven track record of creating No. 1 bestsellers on Amazon, so rest assured that you will become a bestselling author!

• Guaranteed media coverage
Guaranteed media coverage for the multi-author book in 6 high quality media outlets, including 1 TV interview of an Inner Hippie Books representative on an international streaming news network, 1 podcast interview of an Inner Hippie Books representative on an podcast, 1 guest article on Forbes, 1 feature on global digital magazine, 1 feature on leading online site with 2 million visitors per month, 1 profile piece on one of’s top rated publications (list of outlets may be subject to change)

• Celebratory experience
You’ll enjoy launching the book and relishing in your success with your co-authors!

*** $2499 ***

or 2 monthly payments of $1299
or 4 monthly payments of $675

Bonus: 3 days on Voxer with Silke instead of 1 if you pay in full
Bestselling Multi-Author Exclusive VIP
– Everything in Bestselling Multi-Author Exclusive
– Your name on the front cover
– Host your own exclusive 60-minute podcast episode
– 1-day writer’s intensive “get it done” retreat

• Everything included in Bestselling Multi-Author Exclusive


• Your name on the front cover
Seeing your name on the front cover of a book is not just hugely satisfying but also one of the most powerful marketing tools you can ever invest in for your message.

• 60-minute exclusive podcast episode with the book launch
Use those 60 minutes to increase the reach of your message. This is your time to spread the word! Have a countless number of listeners at your disposal, plus expert guidance on creating an effective podcast episode is included.

• 1-day writer’s intensive “get it done” retreat
8 hours of intensive writing tasks on Zoom and Voxer. Use this day to get your story done in lightning speed. Perfect for anyone short of time.

*** $3499 ***

or 2 monthly payments of $1799
or 4 monthly payments of $925

Bonus: 3 days on Voxer with Silke instead of 1 if you pay in full

If you want to be part of TORCHBEARERS, fill out the short author application form by clicking the button below:


This compilation of stories thought leaders, visionaries and change-makers is inspirational and essential reading for anyone wanting to make a positive change in this world. The current trend of destruction on this planet cannot continue if the human race is to survive. The situation is now past critical and time is of the essence to start making the changes that are needed to guarantee a future for our children and for many generations yet to come.

Spread your message and light the way for humanity!

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