TORCHBEARERS Ultimate Media Exposure Package

Visionary entrepreneurs who are lighting the way to a sustainable future for humanity and the planet (working title)

TORCHBEARERS is a project for visionaries who have…

  • Found the way forward into a better and brighter future for humanity
  • Know it is time to lead the way and inspire society to follow suit
  • Feel the urgency and importance of their mission and want to get their word out there NOW!

If that is you, get in touch now!

  • Are you a successful entrepreneur or corporate executive with a great deal of influence?


  • Do you empower women and/or minorities and disadvantaged persons with your business and work?


  • Have you invented and/or developed a product, service or process that is sustainable and in alignment with Mother Earth?


  • An environmentally friendly product, a service that treads lightly on this Earth, a humane corporate process?


  • Have you found the way to do business and trade without devastating the planet?

Then Be a Torchbearer!

“Have you ever wondered what this world would be like without us humans in it? Without the pollution we create? The war and strife we cause? Without the borders and barriers we’ve put up everywhere that stop us from moving freely across the land?

Are you, like me, a dreamer who can imagine the sheer beauty of mother nature unspoilt by factories, highways and tower blocks? The gracefulness of mighty rivers flowing pure and unpoisoned?

And can you imagine how wonderful life could be on this planet if humanity changed its ways? Got enlightened enough to realise that we don’t need to destroy our very home to live in comfort and abundance?

I remember dreaming about this since I was a young child. The environmental issues in the 70s and 80s were already as pressing as today. The wars and conflicts were already brewing. The nuclear threat was ever-present.

Fast-forward 40 years and nothing has changed. If anything, things have gone even worse. Our protests back then when we were young and passionate haven’t done a thing – or so it seems.

But in reality, they have. They have helped to raise a generation who is fully aware and awake and who has brought up their children and grandchildren to be the same. So the wave of people who are waking up and wanting to change things is gathering pace.

Change for the better is needed now more than ever. Time is of the essence – the global warming figures and genocide in the world are making that crystal clear.

But the cynics say that change is impossible. That it would mean going back to living in mud hut communities wearing tie-dyed clothes. These are the people who are so in love with money that they would sell this planet for a few bucks in their bank accounts.

But don’t be fooled by them. Change doesn’t have to mean a return to the dark ages – that’s just scare-mongering by the capitalists who see their profit margins dwindle.

Humanity has access to advanced technologies that make it possible to live in harmony with this planet. We have learnt how to produce degradable plastic, how to use gentler materials such as bamboo and hemp. How to recycle and reuse.

Humanity is also becoming more aware of social issues such as discrimination against women, minorities and disadvantaged groups within society and good and valuable changes are starting to happen in this respect.

Awareness is increasing, opportunities are opening up and people are starting to learn to live with each other in harmony and understanding.

So are you, like me, a dreamer and visionary who can see the way forward for humanity? To make this world a better place for all the children and generations of their children to come?

Have you seen the way forward? Developed a product or service that goes gentle on the planet? Had an idea for a process that is humane and honours Mother Earth?

Are you, like me, passionate about empowering women, minorities and the disadvantaged with your business or work?

And do you know exactly how to implement your vision but need to get the word out about it to the world because you know that spreading the word is the only way to wake up those who are still asleep?

Then I’d LOVE to help you spread the word about your valuable work! I am launching TORCHBEARERS – Visionaries who are lighting the way to a brighter future – a media exposure package for visionaries like you.

I want to share your deeply significant vision with the world because I’m heartfelt and passionate about spreading the light that is so desperately needed to help wake up the sleeping part of humanity.

You see – deep down I’m still that young girl who had a vision of a beautiful planet unspoilt by pollution and strife. And I’m truly convinced that this vision is possible if only enough people realise how easy it can be!

So if you are one of the visionaries who feels called to come forward to share their crucial message, then get in touch!

The time is now – the call has never been more urgent – Mother Earth needs you – the children need you – humanity needs you to shine the way to a brighter future!

Be a Torchbearer!”

Silke Harvey – CEO of Inner Hippie Books

Here is everything you get in the

TORCHBEARES Ultimate Media Exposure Package:

    1 chapter of 3,000 words plus bio in the TORCHBEARERS multi-author book

    We do all of the backend work – proofreading, editing, layout, design, uploading to Amazon and social media campaign that guarantees that the multi-author book hits No. 1. Sit back and relax, knowing that your story is in good hands.
    No time to write? We can arrange a ghostwriter (additional fee applies)

    1 full episode in the


    We are launching the TORCHBEARERS TV show on YouTube. You get 1 full episode in which you can showcase your product, service or process. Get the word out to the world and make people understand why your product is so important to the Earth and humanity. We arrange a professional video shoot at your premises and take care of the editing.

    Features in major media outlets

    We write a press release for you and distribute it to major media outlets, increasing the exposure of you, your company and your important product, service or process even further.

    12 podcast interviews

    We arrange 12 podcast interviews for you in your ideal niche to get your message out in front of a large audience who are wanting to hear what you have to say. Go live on the podcast platform as well as YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

    Automated sales funnel

    We give you a funnel swipe file and adapt it to your specific product, service or process to drive traffic to all of the above activities.

    Social media editor and distributor

    We arrange a VA for you who will take all of the above content and turn it into six months’ worth of social media content and upload it to a scheduling software, leaving you and your business free to attend to your core business.

    Appointment setter

    We arrange an appointment setter for you who will reach out via social media and schedule sales calls on your behalf.

    Here Is What You Get at a Glance…

    When You Sign Up To Become A TORCHBEARER

    Only 25 Spots Available. Don’t Miss Out!!!

    – 1 chapter of 3,000 words plus bio in the TORCHBEARERS multi-author book

    – 1 full episode in the TORCHBEARERS TV show

    – Features in major media outlets

    – 12 podcast interviews

    – Automated sales funnel

    – Social media editor and distributor

    – Appointment setter





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