Travel is the perfect antidepressant – and dogs!


Have you ever felt like your whole world is one long, black tunnel and the light that everyone keeps talking about is nowhere in sight?

I know the feeling only too well. I’ve been fighting off the claws of depression ever since my mum died in January, followed by my husband leaving me just 2 days later.

All of my lofe, I’ve always been the chirpy one, the resilient one, the one who managed to overcome the worst situations with barely a scratch.

But not this time. This time, it got me as hard as it gets.

The only thing that got me through these last months was my beautiful dog, Frunza. Looking after her gave me purpose. That, and the slow dawning of the fact that I can travel as much as I please, now that I’m on my own.

You see, travelling is like air to me – absolutely necessary to survive. I’m a gypsy at heart, as my mum always used to say. I’m happiest when I’m moving and drinking in new places and cultures.

My husband left with just a car load full of his stuff. He left the dog, the house and our 2 Land Rovers. And looking at all that was mine now, an idea started to develop.

What if I started travelling in my Land Rovers, with my dog, and blogged all of my adventures to show women over 50, like myself, that there is life after loss?

What if I broke the old stigma and prejudice that women, and particularly us “older” ones are perfectly capable of living fun, fulfilled and happy lives, going adventuring and all of this without being chaperoned by a knight in shining armour?

What if I could inspire women all over the world to follow my example and start living their lives in full alignment with Spirit and their divine purpose?

How awesome would all of that be?

And this is how “One Woman and Her Dogs in a Land Rover” was born.

I’ve started a YouTube channel where I’ll be keeping a video journal of my adventures with my by now three dogs – Frunza, Frankie and Wendy – in my Land Rovers.

Our first trip took us to the Welsh coast, from St. Davids to Anglesey. What a beautiful part of the world this is! It was my first time, but certainly not the last!

From the Unearthed Festival, to a stone age burial chamber with a floating stone, an iron age village, and an ancient bleeding yew tree to greeting the sun at sunrise on Solstice morning and sleeping on enchanting beaches, we had a wonderful time!

It all got cut short by a couple of days as I picked up Wendy, the latest addition to our little family, who was in a bit of an emergency situation. I love her to bits already – she’s such a cheeky little girl!

The three pawsketeers make a beautiful little pack – they act like they’ve been sisters all their lives! And they run rings around mum!

I could go on and on and on about the beauty of Wales, but I’ve created a video for you to enjoy instead with lots of impressions from this special trip – the launch of “One Woman and her Dogs in a Land Rover”.

You can watch it here:

Give the video a like, leave a comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you – I appreciate you and your support!

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