Here is a collage of impressions of my first ever trip as “One Woman and her Dogs in a Land Rover”.

Following a weekend volunteering at the Unearthed Festival, having fun and finding a new sense of confidence and adventure, I took a trip up the Welsh coast, from St. David to Anglesey. Together with my 2 dogs, Frunza and Frankie, we explored lots of breathtaking beaches, marvelled at the architecture of an ancient burial chamber, visited an iron age village, saluted the sun on the beach on solstice morning, eat sausage and chips by the seaside, had yummie breakfast in a little cafe and ended up camping and chilling near Rhyl.

The trip was cut a little short because I picked up another doggie on route who, like my 2 others, needed rescuing.
So I left with 2, came home with 3 and now we’re one big, happy family!

I love the freedom of deciding to do what I want on the spur of the moment!

Nobody left to argue with and to tell me otherwise. Being single has huge advantages and this trip has made that crystal clear to me!
It’s been such fun, I’ll do it all again very, very soon. I might just take off one weekend somewhere locally. Fun holidays don’t always have to be thousands of miles away! Look around your country and pick somewhere nice – the rest is up to you! Fun can be had just about anywhere!
This is only the beginning and I have many more adventures and surprises planned.

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Life isn’t a dress rehearsal! It’s happening right now, so go out there and live it to the full!

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